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Flash Fiction

Because sometimes you need to stop taking things so seriously and just write for the poops and giggles of it. Here’s a collection of such poops … meaning they aren\’t fully edited and written as writing exercises or flash fiction challenges. Enjoy and be sure to check out my Wattpad where I\’m also posting chapters for a women\’s fiction novel I will be self-publishing under the name Sidney Brooks.

Happy writing!

Flash Fiction Friday: Here’s Hoping

Happy Friday, lovelies, don’t you just love freshened spaces? I’m feeling that way now about my blog. This afternoon, I gave myself an hour to change things up with a new header, new profile image and description, and new site colors. That hour stretched into ninety minutes thanks to some coding issues, but I love [...]

Writing Exercise: Elements for the Crown

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve blogged so jumping back in with this flash fiction post seems odd. But considering all the changes I’ve been making in my life … it also feels oddly right. More on those changes later. For now, I’m getting back into the habit of daily writing exercises, some of [...]

Flash Fiction: Perhaps

Flash Fiction Friday: Perhaps

This is from a 150 word challenge … including the title! Wow, the less words you get, the harder crafting a story becomes. Perhaps It was Amelia who told Jacob to hide the gun behind Mother’s settee, pointing it toward Father’s recliner, the one he often slept on with a bottle beneath bruised knuckles. It [...]

Flash Fiction Friday: How Easy

Happy Friday! Chuck Wendig posted a great Flash Fiction Challenge today: A Story in Five Sentences. I love writing exercises like these. Quick and breezy, so I’m jumping in: Her hair, once thick and lustrous, now hangs in limp waves past her thin shoulders, the perfect length for him to wrap around his meaty hands. She stifles [...]

Friday Flash Fiction: Wrecker

One of the things I fear as a writer … besides failure, rejection, living in Has-been Ville, etc., is for people to see my writing before it’s fully edited since there’s a chance they’ll only raise an eyebrow with a slight cringe and say, “Oh, that’s … nice,” while making internal gag-me signs. This fear of mine sucks. So does the safe comfort [...]