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A Walk in the Woods … and a lesson for living

“Writers don’t die. They either drink themselves to death or blow their brains out.” On Monday, we decided to celebrate Labor Day the lazy way by seeing a movie with my dad rather than have our usual cookout seeing as how my boys are back in college, it was hot, and I was pooped from running 18 [...]

When I was younger, my mom never understood why I would read some books over and over and over again, since I knew exactly what was going to happen. But to me, my favorite books were like comfort food and sometimes, I don’t want to guess how things will turn out. I don’t want surprises. [...]

Beloved books from the past

This is what happens when a favorite childhood book was dearly loved and read over and over again: I read THE HORSEMASTERS, by Don Stanford so many times as a teen that the cover wore off and I had to make a new one. I even forgot what the original cover looked like, until doing a [...]

I heart these mid-grades!

Happy Friday, everyone! Since I’m prepping for next Tuesday’s May Mid-Grade Madness, I thought I’d read these fabulous books this week to help get me in mid-grade mode! See you at Harry’s, by Jo Knowles. Oh my gosh, I love this book. Love, love, LOVE! It’s heartbreakenly beautiful and completely captivating all rolled up in [...]

Today’s To-Do List

Today, I will: 1. Do all the work I’ve been putting off the past week because of writing. 2. Tend to a sick kid who keeps sending me texts. 3. NOT get sick. Do you hear that, Laura? I will not get sick! Not, not, not. 4. Give a shout out to Suzanne Selfor for [...]

My Books Read in 2008

Okay. It’s 10:24. I have twenty minutes to post this sucker. Why the rush? After some comment exchanges with the talented Coe Booth regarding time spent writing blog entries, one of my resolutions this year is to spend twenty minutes per entry, thirty max and NO ANAL EDITING ALLOWED! (I don’t have time to dwell, [...]