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Baltimore Book Fest and Just Write Conference Recap!

I’m still pooped from this past weekend! It was long but oh-so-wonderful, between the Baltimore Book Festival and Just Write Conference at the Bel Air branch of the Harford County Library. On Friday, the Baltimore Book Festival didn’t begin until 11:00, but I arrived at 9:00 to help Kathy MacMillan set up. (She wrote the upcoming Sword and [...]

A Walk in the Woods … and a lesson for living

“Writers don’t die. They either drink themselves to death or blow their brains out.” On Monday, we decided to celebrate Labor Day the lazy way by seeing a movie with my dad rather than have our usual cookout seeing as how my boys are back in college, it was hot, and I was pooped from running 18 [...]

When I was younger, my mom never understood why I would read some books over and over and over again, since I knew exactly what was going to happen. But to me, my favorite books were like comfort food and sometimes, I don’t want to guess how things will turn out. I don’t want surprises. [...]

Beloved books from the past

This is what happens when a favorite childhood book was dearly loved and read over and over again: I read THE HORSEMASTERS, by Don Stanford so many times as a teen that the cover wore off and I had to make a new one. I even forgot what the original cover looked like, until doing a [...]

I heart these mid-grades!

Happy Friday, everyone! Since I’m prepping for next Tuesday’s May Mid-Grade Madness, I thought I’d read these fabulous books this week to help get me in mid-grade mode! See you at Harry’s, by Jo Knowles. Oh my gosh, I love this book. Love, love, LOVE! It’s heartbreakenly beautiful and completely captivating all rolled up in [...]

Today’s To-Do List

Today, I will: 1. Do all the work I’ve been putting off the past week because of writing. 2. Tend to a sick kid who keeps sending me texts. 3. NOT get sick. Do you hear that, Laura? I will not get sick! Not, not, not. 4. Give a shout out to Suzanne Selfor for [...]