Random Chitchats

Bummer. More winter.

While I truly admire my daffodils’ optimism and their determination to grow . . .


. . . Punxsutawney Phil predicts otherwise.


Bummer. But reading this article did remind me to add something to my “Do Before Dying” list: Go to Punxsutawney, PA on Groundhogs Day to see little Phil and enjoy the festivities. Just like . . .


. . . Phil Connors did.


And again.

And again and again and again.

Which reminds me of another item on my “Do Before Dying” list: Read every Charles Dickens novel . . .


. . . and how Pam Calvert, who I found out has the same goal from a previous post of mine, thought it’d be cool to dedicate February to reading nothing but Dickens. So, I need to get a copy of Oliver Twist from the library because my copy is so old the binding will chip off in my purse.

Which reminds me . . . wasn’t Pink’s performance at the Grammy’s absolutely kick-butt?


(Actually, neither Charles Dickens or my purse reminded me of Pink, but I couldn’t think of a better translation.)

Still, the girl STOLE THE SHOW! And her body. All I can say is dang, someone’s been hitting the gym.

Which reminds me: I really need to start upping my treadmill time if I want to beat my time–27.42–at last year’s Frederick Running Festival’s 5k race.


(That was a much better transition, yes?)

My goal is to run it in under 27 minutes and I’ll get there if I stay determined like these little guys . . .


How’s that for bringing things full circle? 🙂

Have a great Groundhog Day!

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