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Bueller Day: Washington, DC style

So my friend, Jackey, concocted this wild, impromptu idea last week to celebrate the expected fantastic weather: She would fly down from Buffalo, meet me at BWI, and we’d take the train into DC for a short day until she had to fly home. I fired back with a “sure, sounds awesome,” but deep down, I hesitated. I’m not good with impromptu. I’m a planner and if Ferris Bueller showed up on my doorstep, announcing a day off, I would most likely say, “No, what if wait a week and come up with a solid agenda first?”

Plus I had work to do.

And the notion of driving to BWI during early morning traffic, meeting her at the airport, finding a parking spot, getting on the right train, and negotiating my way through DC without a map made me nervous and Jackey (who is NOT a planner) said no plans, we would just wing it.

I do not wing.

DCBut then again … why not? Like is short. Real short. So that’s what we did. I drove to BWI, we took the train to Union Station, and had an amazing day in perfect weather, seeing most of the bigger monuments except World War II, (totally forgot to swing that way after visiting the Jefferson Memorial.) We even had time for a quick visit at the Smithsonian Museum of American History and the Museum of Natural History and have hot dogs for lunch.

And of course we just had to make another Videostar video:

So the lesson of this awesome experience is that Ferris Bueller was right.


And I’m so ready for another one. 🙂

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