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Brain-dead and books

I planned on posting something clever and funny about FINALLY mailing my manuscript yesterday, (no lie–I really, really did,) but I’m too braid-dead for clever and funny. Especially when I think about starting my next book today. Groan. It’s like getting pregnant again right after delivery a big, fat baby. A whopping 330-page, four-points-of-view baby.

So instead of clever and funny, I’ll rant about how much I absolutely LOVED this book by Jennifer L. Holm!


It tells the story of Ginny’s chaotic seventh grade year through letters, Post-Its, to-do lists, receipts, IM messages, cards from Grandpa, report cards, hall passes, cartoons and memos. Very funny, very touching, very CLEVER! Loved this book.

Rant over. Have a great day!

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