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Beauty Shop for Rent galley give-away!

After announcing my BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT galley give-away last Friday, I thought I’d start the week by sharing a story written by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. (And between you and me–that was a really good decision!)

In my early twenties, I didn’t have a regular stylist. I would just go to any salon that offered walk-in appointments, and take whoever was available first. This, however, changed after a nightmare experience with a stylist who really ticked me off.

It started off with me going to the wet station for a quick shampoo, and then I had to sit and wait for the stylist. And wait. And wait. She finally strolled over fifteen-plus minutes later, reeking of cigarette smoke, and hardly looked at me while I explained the cut I wanted. She mumbled acknowledgment, and then proceeded to comb out my half dried hair.

She stopped. Stared at my scalp. Jumped back and screamed:

“OH MY GOD, she’s got a TICK in her hair!”



I was mortified.

She kept pointing at my head, looking to her fellow stylists for help, saying, “What do I do now, what do I do now?” Of course, none of the other stylists moved, and everyone else in the salon stared in astonishment at me like I was a total leper. So, I reached up, pulled the little sucker out, went to the bathroom to flush it down the toilet . . . and then hauled out of there, with my hair knotted and kinked like Edward Scissorhands.

–Your anonymous friend.

Oh my. No wonder the writer of this story wanted to remain anonymous. Wow. If that happened to me, I wouldn’t want other people to know about it, either.

Well . . .

Okay, OKAY! It was ME, alright? I’m the tick magnet, the parasite person, the arachnid anchor. And really, it was just a small tick, not like one of those big swollen gray ticks, so that girl totally overreacted. Totally overreacted! BUT, I did learn some valuable lessons that day: To do a tick-check before each and every appointment, and to get a regular stylist!

Hehe! 😉

Now that I’ve shared my most embarrassing moment at a salon, what about you? If you’d like to win an advance reader copy of BEAUTY SHOP FOR RENT, then see this post for contest details! Since I’m all about choice, you have four options to choose from.

So get to it! Send me your stories or photos. You don’t want to tick me off, do you?

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