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Baltimore Marathon … it’s almost here, hon!


Wow. Hard to believe that the Baltimore Marathon is this Saturday. THIS SATURDAY, I’m so excited!

And nervous.


A little nauseous.

But mostly excited. After see this gorgeous line while going to Baltimore Ravens games at M&T Bank Stadium for … oh, what, around ten years? … I’m finally going to be running the actual marathon!


I had registered for 2014’s full but downgraded to the half marathon. Life was really stressful last summer and I just couldn’t keep up with the stress of training. It was a good thing, however, judging from the UTI that visited me the day prior! But I still had a great time, pain and all.

This year, I’m going for the full she-bang, the King Crab Challenge with includes the Frederick Half Marathon, Baltimore 10-Miler, and the Baltimore Running Festival. So my year so far has included lots of…


… running at my favorite trail with all its crazy elevations, friendly folks, beautiful deer, and Bat Man-like chart figures …


… sweat ponytails and red faces, the reason why I wear makeup at races …


… times when my laundry room looks like this …


… miserable, hideous ice baths that I loath deep down to the core of my soul …

(That’s grilled chicken in the bag, in case you’re curious.)


… awesome moments like finding my son’s name written in chalk …


… no-so awesome but necessary treadmill runs, like the 20-miler I did with A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen because of awful weather and me being sick …


… and tremendous support from my family, like when Bob surprised me by getting Cinderella at a Red Box to make my  last 7.5 miles more fun!

I’m ready. Are you ready? We’re ready. For the expo, for the race, for that gorgeous medal … and hopefully a photo with this lovely lady!

Photo from the Baltimore Sun

Photo from the Baltimore Sun


Hope to see you there!

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