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2015 Baltimore 10 Miler Race Recap

IMG_2140-002Running the Baltimore 10 Miler was another first for me! I’ve always wanted to try this race because of the awesome premium jackets they give out instead of medals. Since the King Crab Challenge consists of the Frederick Half Marathon, Baltimore 10-Miler, and Baltimore Marathon, I finally got my chance on June 6th.

Oh, and speaking about King Crab, I forgot to mention in my Frederick Half recap how they had our royal gift on display at the expo … this cute hanging rack our the medals! (I’ll have to fit in my Nut Job one somewhere.)


For the 10 miler, they offer packet pick up at several locations throughout the week. My son had a pre-surgical appointment at Washington Hospital for his upper and lower orthognathic jaw surgery on June 17th, so it was convenient for to slip by the Rockville Sports Authority for my bib.

My training, though? Things weren’t working out as well. I ended up getting a sinus infection two weeks prior and then ran only twice the week prior. Add in Cooper’s various appointments with doctors, his orthodontist, etc., plus a ton of work that needed to be done before his surgery and I was one unprepared runner. But oh well, such is life!


Heading to the race early with my awesomely supportive husband!

IMG_2130The race started and ended at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore and we parked amongst some trees thanks to the volunteers who kept things orderly. Bob set up camp in a nice shady spot with a chair, a cooler full of drinks and snacks, and work to catch up with. I took the long walk to the race start, feeling nervous and wondering how badly my lack of training was going to kick me in the rear.

(Hint: It kicked very badly.)

Hmm, if I do the race next year, I'll definitely plan on going to the zoo afterwards!

Hmm, next time I do this race, I’m going to the zoo afterwards!

IMG_2133 IMG_2135 IMG_2137 IMG_2136

I waited in a super long port-o-pot line until a sweet gal told me of a much shorter one elsewhere. Thanks, sweet gal! Afterwards, I wandered around the race village, checking out vendors, browsing through the official merchandise, watching volunteers getting ready to hand out race jackets … and totally losing track of time, oops! I hustled to the start in time to hear the singing of the National Anthem and get a quick selfie before we were off and on our way!

My race goal? To just survive.

My race goal? To just survive.

Fullscreen capture 8272015 125814 PM.bmp

The first two miles were a breeze – mostly downhill. I was feeling pretty strong … and perhaps a tad cocky, so I opened up and went at my normal pace. (Oh, the mistakes I constantly make.) The course was nice but it was surprising how few spectators were out compared to the Baltimore Half and Full Marathon. And I didn’t realize until reading Gracious Warrior Princess’s recap that we passed where Memorial Stadium used to be. Darn! There’s a scene in my manuscript that takes place there so it would have been nice to slow down and pay attention.

Instead, I had no choice but to slow down as we ran around Lake Montebello and began our backtrack to the finish. Oh my gosh. I was hurting, y’all. And I was hot. And highly annoyed at myself for letting my training slip so badly, especially when we hit Druid Park and it’s lovely uphill climb.

Good Lord, it was such a relief, finally seeing the finish line.

After getting a very appreciated wet towel, I staggered to the tables full of watermelon, oranges, chips and other goodies. I’m not a big chip gal, but those salty little buggers tasted so good!

IMG_2147The Race Village? It was now hopping with activity. There was a kicking band, a long line for the free beers for runners, vendors giving out freebies like sunblock and drawstring bags that were also very appreciated after trying to juggle the snacks, freebies, and beer!

Those who are registered for the King Crab Challenge received this cute medal. And the jacket? Love, love, LOVE it! Oh, and here’s the good thing about running your first a 10-miler: Instant PR! I could have log-rolled the entire race and still had my best time. Lots to love about that day.

And you know I loved these, too.

And you know I loved these, too.

Just missed a photo with the crab mascot though, darn!

Just missed a photo with the crab mascot though, darn!

While drinking my beers, I chatted with some other runners about the Baltimore Marathon, runDisney events, training, and other races. Isn’t the running community awesome? I soon started to head back to where Bob was parked, stopping to snap a few pictures along the way:

IMG_2155 IMG_2156 IMG_2159

IMG_2162All in all, despite my lapse in training, I really enjoyed myself at this race and would love to do it again in 2017 while going for another King Crab Challenge. This has also inspired me to try the also be fun trying the Charles Street 12 in 2017. I’ve heard that it’s a blast!

Thanks for reading yet another race recap. Next up, the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k … which I was even less prepared for and almost backed out of!

Happy writing and running!

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