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Some Things About Me…

…besides the whole “I’m a writer, runner, mother, blogger, runDisney addict with a teenage mentality, anxiety issues, and warped sense of humor” bit:

Laura Bowers Final 21.) I think that lying about your age is a disrespect to yourself. And while I’m not a fan of my wrinkles, I don’t envy 25 year olds. If anything, they should envy me because I’ve already been 25 … plus 21 more!

DPHM097-0012.) My husband and I have been married for over twenty years. He’s my best friend and biggest supporter so while my writing career might suck at times, marriage is one thing I got right!

DSC03859-0013.) We have two wonderful boys who are both in college. I miss them desperately but I’m trying to not be one of those pestering moms who text their college kids every day. (Emphasis on try.)

4.) I have a pen fetish.

Finsbury.jpg5.) And Filofax fever.

6.) Have I mentioned my runDisney addiction yet? Yet, it’s pretty bad.

7.) I love musicals. Sometimes I wish I could sing I Dreamed a Dream like Patti LuPone or Another Suitcase in Another Hall by Elena Rogers. Sometimes my husband wishes I’d stop trying.

8.) Scrubs is still my favorite TV show. EAGLE!!!!

9.) I used to be a cocktail waitress at a dive redneck bar where a motorcycle gang often frequented. I am currently writing a book series about this. It will be scandalous.

10.) I also used to be an actress. Well … okay, more like one of those hired costumed characters at mall holiday parades during my broke college days. (Memories of being terrorized as a candy cane by rowdy high schoolers still haunt me at night.)

Tim Gunn 20011.) Sometimes when I’m struggling with a scene, I image Tim Gunn comforting me. Or if I really need a kick in the butt? A screaming Jon Taffer.

12.) My favorite quote? “If we are ever to enjoy life, now is the time, not tomorrow or next year … Today should always be our most wonderful day.” –Thomas Dreier.