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Aw, my youngest kid finished my book last night and said he loved it. *Sniff* It was so touching to hear him say he was proud of me.

Okay, there were some things I wanted to blog about this week but either forgot to or didn’t have the time. So today is my blog makeup day.

THE GOLDEN GLOBES: I was so SO happy to see Jennifer Hudson and America Ferraro win, and both of their acceptance speeches made me tear up! I thought Justin Timberlake’s impression of Prince was inappropriate, but Isaiah Washington’s horrendous comment? Dude. What a disappointment.

But my favorite part of the globes – or any award show – is watching the fashion specials the day after. Tuesday night, I missed the first half of American Idol to see e!’s Fashion Police. My pick for best dressed female? Sara Ramirez, who apparently was the only celeb in red. The girl looked totally smokin’, and kudos to her for being proud of her curves.


Best dressed man? James Denton because a:) the man is hot, and b:) he left the Globes early so he could go home and tuck his son into bed. Ladies? Say it with me. Awwwww. That truly is hot.

AMERICAN IDOL: Either Simon, Randy, and Paula are being meaner this year, or I’m growing more sensitive. I’m starting to not enjoy the auditions and the way Idol is showing these clips on certain contestants’ backgrounds with all their dreams and hopes – and then we get to watch the judges tear them to shreds.

TOP CHEF: Man, I’m so out of the loop with this one. I’ve fallen asleep for the past two weeks and have no clue who’s still in the running. Is my boy Sam still cooking?

UGLY BETTY: I fell asleep about halfway through and didn’t wake up until my husband screamed, “You’re kidding me, that’s Daniel’s brother?!?” Argh. Can’t believe I missed that.

GREY’S ANATOMY: Again. I woke up for the first half and then fell asleep again! What, am I eighty or something?!? So I have no clue if George’s father died, if Derek survived Meredith’s snoring, if Izzie’s patient will ever walk straight again, or if Alex or Addison hooked up. Double Argh. I surely would appreciate if someone clued me in!

Okay, I’m saving the best for last . . .

THE BACHELOR: Apparently, last season’s bachelor Prince Lorenzo and Jennifer broke up. Who’s he dating now? None other than second runner up, Sadie!! How cute is that? But, I wonder if she’ll ever use his decision to initially pick Jennifer as ammo in a fight . . .

Have a great weekend!

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