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A blog is born!

If you got a second, pop on over to Pam Smallcomb’s new blog! Why? Because she’s talented, witty and an all-around great person. We met about eleven years ago at the SCBWI conference in Arlington. It was my very first conference ever and I was TERRIFIED! And, I couldn’t concentrate on a single thing all morning because I had no one to eat lunch with.

(Yeah, I know, Pam, I’m embarrassing you. But it’s a sweet story!)

Anyway, Pam must have noticed the desperate, pleading look in my eyes when the conference was breaking for lunch. She tossed out a casual, “Hey, you want to join us?” and has been my lifesaver ever since. I’ve lost count of how many times she’s managed to talk me off the cliff whenever I’m delivered a blow in this crazy business we call publishing.

(She just had to do that week, but I’ll hit that topic next Monday. Not ready to go there!)

So go check her out! And, have a great weekend!

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