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Kickass Web Design is just that!

Many thanks and some serious kudos to Kickass Web Design for designing this site! BJ is the bomb, y’all, and trust me – she’s got enough patience to fill a bathtub after dealing with someone as computer illiterate as me.

And I have to say I’m loving Harcourt right now after receiving a package of these emery boards they had made for Beauty Shop for Rent:


If you would like to have one, go to the contact page and sign up for my mailing list. Be sure to include your address and I’ll mail you one, while supplies last. All information given is confidential.

Have a super weekend!

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  1. Oh, c’mon, you weren’t THAT bad! **crosses fingers behind back**

  2. Jeannine Garsee says:

    Beautiful website, Laura!!!

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