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2020 WDW Goofy Challenge Mile Marker Videos!

Cross-posted on Joyful Miles.

Happy Sunday, everyone! So okay. I must confess that I thought about not filming during runDisney’s 2020 WDW Marathon Weekend. Instead, I’d just take everything in and enjoy time with my friends! I mean, after all. I now have twenty past video race recaps to finish in 2020.

LOL. 20 in 2020. I never made that connection before! And btw, they will be finished, even if for my own enjoyment. They’re like scrapbooks of lovely memories for me!

Anyway. Back to Marathon Weekend. I didn’t film during the Expo, but once I found myself caught up in the WDW Half Marathon pre-race excitement, I had to whip out my phone and document it! I there was no way I could end my fun tradition of filming rhymes at each, mile marker rhymes, something I started back in … wow, how long has it been? Dopey 2018? (Yep, just checked. The 2018 WDW Marathon was our first one! Here’s all of ours so far.)

So if you’d like to check them out, here they are! Some of them rhyme, some don’t even come close, some were a challenge, but all were a blast to do! Hope you enjoy and congratulations to everyone who took on the races!

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