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Accountability Quest: 2018 Second Quarter Goals

Happy Monday! I hope you had an amazing weekend and are geared up for an even better week. I’m actually writing this on Saturday as a way to procrastinate getting to work on video and blog recaps from Disney’s 2018 Princess Half Marathon back in February.

Must. Finish. Those. SOON!

I’m delaying since my footage is all messed up plus they take a super long time to finish. But I can’t put them off any longer so I better get to the point of this post!Gotta first say that I really wish I share my first quarter goals because I actually completed 75% of them, which I consider a win! So if you don’t mind me indulging myself, here they are:

2018’s First Quarter Goals

  1. Finish Heroes, Wishes, and Trailer Park Hitches. DONE! (Technically, I finished on April 3rd but I’m still taking it because I need a win.)
  2. Complete runDisney’s 48.6 mile, four day Dopey Challenge. DONE!
  3. Write 45,000 words. DONE!
  4. Start doing Morning Pages consistently in March. DONE!
  5. Complete all Dopey Challenge content for Joyful Miles. DONE and you can find it here!
  6. Complete all Princess Half Marathon content. Nope. Not done.
  7. Have a Joyful Miles business meeting. DONE!
  8. Complete As the Eraser Burns conference work. DONE!
  9. Beachbody’s 80 Day Obsession Phase 1 – DONE!! (Although I repeated the first week. Long story, one you can read about over at Joyful Miles.)
  10. Complete a Push-Up, Ab, and Squat challenge. DONE, DONE, and DONE!
  11. Update our business website. Not done. 🙁
  12. Run 200 miles for the Run the Year 2018 challenge. Nope, I only hit 156 because of how intensive the 80 Day Obsession program is. I’ll make up my miles later on while training for the Baltimore Marathon, though.

So that’s nine out of twelve goals completed, 75%, a successful quarter since perfection isn’t always possible and only leads to me being more stressed! And now on to my…

2018 Second Quarter Goals

  1. First pass for Heroes, Wishes, and Trailer Park Hitches as part of Camp NaNoWriMo.
  2. Write 45,000 words, including fiction, blog posts, and writing exercises.
  3. Continue writing Morning Pages at least four times a week.
  4. Finish my Book Idea Journal. (More on that later.)
  5. Blog here at Write, Run, Rejoice at least once a week … plus decide whether or not to change the name.
  6. Re-design our family business website as well as create a Facebook page.
  7. Design a website for a friend.
  8. Complete Princess Half Marathon content for Joyful Miles as well as other catch-up posts.
  9. Final blogging work for As The Eraser Burns before handing over the reins at the end of April. (Again, more on that later.)
  10. Run 285 miles for the Run the Year 2018 challenge.
  11. Bike 300 miles for the Bike the Year 2018 challenge Bob and I are doing.
  12. Complete Beachbody’s 80 Day Obsession program and EARN THAT SHIRT!
  13. Complete the next level for a Push Up challenge.
  14. Read fifteen books.

Now. Here’s something new that I’m doing with my accountability group and fellow Princess Half Marathon runners: We’re choosing rewards for finishing 75% of our quarterly goals. Stuff like cute tee-shirts, Minnie ears, or jewelry that we’ll wear next year at the 2018 Princess Half. So our reward for the second quarter? This adorable shirt from Home T!

And dang it, I WANT THIS SHIRT!!!!

I must totally confess to delaying finishing this post by checking out other #80DayObsession stuff on Etsy. Had to order this tank!!

But now I need to buckle down and get to work on those PHM recaps! But first, what about you? What are your second quarter goals? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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