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2015 WDW Marathon Weekend: Jump Shots, Great Days, and Goodbyes!

slidePicking up from my full recap, after Jackey and I went down the infamous Boardwalk slide – what makes it so creepy, the hair? the eyes? – and had a quick soak in the hot tub, I noticed the time. Yikes! I ran off to shower for my plans with Niki, feeling awful for lollygagging.

See, there’s the thing. After last year’s Dopey Challenge, Niki posted a picture of her doing a jump shot later to prove to a family member her legs were feeling good. I decided that if I ever got the chance to run Dopey or Goofy, I wanted to do the same!

Niki was more than happy to jump with me. But we upped the ante and made a Jump Shot Challenge: a jump shot at all four parks! And while we’re at it, let’s also get a snack at each park because I was so ready to eat. A lot. First up, Animal Kingdom! My snack of choice? The incredible jalapeño cheese pretzel. Oh my gosh. I spent many a moment fantasizing about that bad boy while running earlier!


The CM who took this was so sweet! He didn’t think we were strange at all. Well, at least he didn’t say so out loud…

We then headed to Hollywood Studios. First up? My traditional picture by Coke Man followed later by a shot in front of the Writer’s Stop. (Man, I’m going to be bummed if they ever close that!)

Jump shots and more4

My plans were to get a cappuccino cupcake at Pizza Planet! (If you ever get a chance, try it! And don’t be afraid of it being too rich. It’s just right.) Pizza Planet was closed, though. (Darn it! Shouldn’t have lollygagged!) I tried the carrot cake cookie at Writer’s Stop instead, since many folks rave about it. A bit too sweet, but rather tasty!

Jump shots and more1

Coke Man appreciated my tuck here, but was more impressed with Niki’s height. I just couldn’t jump that high! Must train more for next year.

Since Niki had a car, we zipped back to Boardwalk to change before meeting Lynn, (my 10k partner in crime,) at Epcot. Even though she had also ran her very first marathon, she was also up for a jump shot! Finding just the right location was getting tricky, though, since the sun had gone down.

We tried the bridge in World Showcase first …


… then a stage in Africa …


… before jumping at Germany!

Jump shots and more2

And perhaps I was pushing the rules a tad by getting a Schöfferhofer grapefruit beer for a snack, but if you’ve ever tried it before, you’d understand. My gosh. It’s so tasty!

I have no clue what time it was when we dashed to Magic Kingdom … it had to be late … but there was still time for our final jump shot taken in the Town Square Theatre with folks giving us some rather odd looks!

Jump shots and more3

My MK snack of choice? A Mickey Rice Crispy treat … my very first ever. They’re fantastic! Why have I waited so long!

We then headed back to Boardwalk and said our goodbyes since my legs might have fallen clean off with one more jump. But next time, Niki, we’ll start earlier, (my bad,) and maybe even add Downtown Disney to our Jump Shot Challenge? Yes? 😉

All in all, I had a total blast with Niki and doing our crazy Jump Shot Challenge was the perfect way to celebrate our running accomplishments. The next morning, I thought I’d be super sore but really, my legs felt good. A lot better than after last years’ Glass Slipper Challenge. Jackey and I were up early and ready to begin what I’d later refer to as Our Epic Day.

(Not very original, but hey, it works!)

First up, Hollywood Studios! Since Jackey shares my belief that life’s too short to hide your crazy, (and that acting your age is total crap,) we had a great time visiting Coke Man, some other characters, and posing in front of the hat. (I miss the hat! Why did they have to take it down, wah, wah, wah!)

Jump shots and more6

Jackey is also known for her love of posing in front of mannequins and odd signs, so with her poor mother as the photographer, we amassed quite a collection!

Jump shots and more5

The black and white one is by far my favorite. You don’t know how hard it was not laughing! The robot one just about killed Jackey, but hey. The gal is dedicated.

Now. We kind of had a quest. Since it’s highly rumored that the Indian Jones Stunt Show will soon be closed, making room for a new Star Wars area … we wanted to be picked as extras. Seemed like a nearly impossible feat, but thanks to some impressive smooth talking from Jackey, we got picked! How ’bout that? Epic day continues and not to brag or anything, but I rather nailed my shopping-for-rugs, innocent bystander role. Hollywood has yet to call, though. Dang.

2015-01-14 WDW Marathon Weekend

IMG_0027Jackey’s wonderfully patient mother, Nancy, left afterwards to tour the parks on her own. (Don’t blame her – being our photographer is a lot of work!) So we decided to head on over to Epcot where some of our friends were about to begin their Drink Around The World Challenge.

We had just missed the Friendship Boat by mere seconds, though, so what should two reasonable, mature gals do while waiting?

Make videos, of course!

Like this one: (My father would be so upset at me for messing up the lyrics though. I mean, honestly. And this was before I learned to only lip sync. Duh.)

Got better with this one, though!

Once we made in Epcot, we first headed to Rose and Crown in England so Jackey could get an English Rose while our  friend, Angie grabbed me a grapefruit beer. Did you know you’re supposed to look each other in the eye while making a toast? I didn’t until meeting Robyn and Angie.

I'm looking rather creepy here, don't you think?

I’m looking rather creepy here, don’t you think?

Our gang had already taken over a large section of La Cava del Tequila! While inside, it started to pour outside, but it didn’t put a damper on those who were starting their Drink Around the World challenge. We just put on some ponchos, popped the umbrellas and our epic day continued!

Jump shots and more7

Jackey and I skipped on the drinking challenge, since neither of us wanted headaches the next morning and we’re both lightweights when it comes to that. But we had a blast hanging out with everyone! Proof:

But alas, even epic days must come to an end. And so must vacations! The next morning, Jackey and I made our sad, sad goodbyes.


She headed to the airport and I headed to one more hurrah at Magic Kingdom.


Posing by myself just wasn’t the same, though:


Good thing I ran into Angie who was more than happy to help me out:


Oh, and by the way, remember me saying how my legs weren’t sore on Monday? Yeah. Well, things caught up with me on Tuesday, making getting out of Space Mountain rather tricky…


After a quick visit with some more lovely ladies – Anna, Amy, Tricia, Tina, Jennifer, and Sage – it was time to head back to Boardwalk and get on the Magical Express back to the airport. Sniff.


It was awesome being able to visit with friends while they waited for their plane. And what? James and I were taking the same flight? Doubly awesome. His wife is an anspiring author so we did a lot of chatting about that.


And then at BWI, I saw what had to be the very best site of all after collecting my suitcases: My family. Who somehow successful managed to sneak up on me by hiding behind columns. While putting on my hat and gloves, I noticed this guy giving me an odd smile. I thought he was just being creepy, but when I turned? This is what I saw:


Oh my gosh. I cried! Especially after reading my eldest son’s sign:


IMG_9978Awwww!!! I love my family and as awesomely incredible my vacation was, it was even better coming home to see them.

Even Jamie was happy to see me.


So, what’s next on my crazy runDisney schedule? The Wine & Dine Half Marathon in November, (here’s hoping it doesn’t pour again,) and the WDW Dopey Challenge in January 2016 followed by another #JumpShotChallenge because it was so much fun!

Thanks for following along and have a great weekend!

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