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2016 runDisney WDW 10k

IMG_5460My recapping marathon catch-up continues! This one for the 2016 runDisney WDW 10k and day 2 of the Dopey Challenge will be short and sweet, told mostly in pictures.

Oh, how I love 10k’s! Such a great distance. For this race, I looking forward to wearing what would become my favorite running costume. (So much so that I’m reusing it for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in May.) I’ve always loved Donald’s colors and this outfit was super easy to put together, thanks to some help from my husband who made sure my yellow ribbon and buttons were perfectly level.

Now, picking up where I left off in my WDW 5k recap, we went to bed early with our race gear laid out and multiple alarms set! Soon, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald were out the door and headed to the bus stop. [click to continue…]


2016 runDisney WDW 5k

2016 runDisney WDW 5kThe recaps continue! Today, I’m following up last week’s Marathon Weekend Expo post with my 2016 WDW 5k recap, which I had cross-posted over at Joyful Miles.

So where to begin? I had already mentioned how I got zero sleep the night before the expo, thanks to my runDisney insomnia issues. Thursday night proved no different, with me only getting about an hour’s worth of shut eye before the 5k. [click to continue…]


2016 runDisney WDW Marathon Weekend Expo

2016 runDisney WDW ExpoHappy Friday! I received the best email yesterday morning, one that said I’M IN FOR THE CHICAGO MARATHON!!! So excited about this. Four other folks from my running group are in, including a gal named Kelly who I ran the Princess Half Marathon with. Now I’m thinking of also running the Baltimore Marathon the next weekend … which would be INSANE … but would also be tons of fun.

Hmm, need to think about that one. [click to continue…]


Friday Five: Reinventing Me

Last night on the treadmill … I’ve been treadmilling it a lot lately instead of running outside because work has been crazy … I watched one of my favorite movies, The Holiday. (The part where Arthur gets his standing ovation makes me cry every time.)

This time, the part where Iris says, “You’re supposed to be the leading lady of your own life, for God’s sake,” really hit me hard.

You're supposed to be the leading lady of your own life for God's sake

That’s exactly what my focus has been lately, to start living an authentic life by working hard, trying things that have scared me before, and by being more bold, brave, and bitchin’.

Well not exactly bitchin’. I couldn’t think of another B word. [click to continue…]


2016 WDW Marathon Weekend Video Recaps

Ever have so much going on that when people ask, “Hey, whatcha been up to lately,” your thoughts swirl like a cyclone and all you can say is, “You know …. stuff?”

That’s me.

I gotta lot of stuff going on right now in my writing and personal life, stuff I’m excited about because I’m finally taking steps to live my authentic life. But that’s a little deep for a Monday and my mom has a doctor’s appointment, so I’m just going to mention how one of the things is a brand-new YouTube channel I’ve created with my dear friends, Megan and Jackey!

YouTube Channel Art 4-001

[click to continue…]


2015 runDisney Wine & Dine Half Marathon

IMG_5-112Sigh. This recap will be bittersweet for me now that runDisney has changed next year’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon to a morning race. But hey, if 2015’s was the last night race, at least we did it right by having an amazing weekend, evacuation and all!

More on that mess later.

Picking up with my Jingle Jungle 5k recap, I met up with everyone at Magic Kingdom where we had a blast hitting the rides, getting character photos, and adding scenes to our Videostar video, a tradition Jackey started this weekend. [click to continue…]