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How unbelievably arrogant! Oh, the audacity, what kind of egotistical fool would dare claim that they’re going to be the next Dr. Seuss, a true genius and one-of-a-kind storyteller??

Um, well …

It was kind of me.

But before I get beaten up … let me explain.

See, it happened about … oh, fifteen years? sixteen? … let’s just say a very long time ago, about two years after I had decided to be a writer. I was sitting on my mother’s front porch, watching my children play on a jungle gym and thinking about my failed attempts as a mystery writer when it hit me:

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Gaithersburg Book Festival tomorrow!

I’ve been in a mad frenzy lately rewriting The Glory Girls of Stockyard County and getting things caught up before my son’s surgery next month, but I wanted to throw up a quick post about tomorrow’s Gaithersburg Book Festival!

After many years of bypassing this absolute gem of a festival because of me being intimidated about selling books there, (Lord, I’m so weird,) I’ll be signing at the SCBWI MD/DE/WV table from 2:00 to 4:00! If you happen to be there, stop by and say hello! My weirdo self would truly appreciate it.

Oh, and for more information about each author at the SCBWI table, check out this post on As the Eraser Burns!

Have a great weekend!



Friday Five: Five amazing things made with PEEPS!


Image from www.carrollcountyartscouncil.org

IMG_1471My friends and I have a yearly tradition of going to the Carroll County Arts Council annual PEEPshow, an event so popular, they often have to close that part of Main Street!

This year’s 8th Annual PEEPshow was as fun as ever. We first met up at O’Lordan’s Irish Pub for dinner. Bob’s initial plan was to drop me off and then meet friends at Maggie’s Restaurant where I’d join him later. (My man is not into marshmallow art.) But to my surprise, he decided to hang out with us. I think it was because my friend, Jeri’s husband was going. Whatever the case, it was nice sharing this experience with him! After a round of burgers and beer, we made the short walk to the arts center, enjoying the nice but somewhat chilly weather and community atmosphere.

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Dopey Challenge, anyone?

Dopey Challenge2

Yep, I signed up for the big one because going Goofy just wasn’t enough. See you in 2016 at January’s WDW Marathon Weekend!


Friday Five: My Favorite Walt Disney World Snacks

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Friday Five! And seeing as how early annual passholder registration for WDW Marathon Weekend begins next Tuesday, I’m thinking a great topic would be a (not so) guilty pleasure … my favorite snacks at Disney World. Why? Because I’m signing up for the Dopey Challenge and running 48.6 miles in four days means I get to eat lots of snacks!

Image from disneyfoodblog.com

Image from disneyfoodblog.com

1. The Jalapeño Cheese Pretzel at Animal Kingdom. (Well, you can also get one at Epcot’s Fife and Drum but I think they taste better at Animal Kingdom. Maybe it’s the vibe.)

Oh, how I craved those yummy bad boys while running the marathon in January! They are DELICIOUS and if you’re a wimp about spicy food like I am, don’t be scared of the jalapeños. They add just the right amount of kick without kicking you in the rear.  Try one of these the next time you’re at Disney and you’ll love me forever.

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Running has truly changed my life.

It’s helped with my anxiety issues, it forces me to keep disregarding bad habits from my eating disorder days, (one cannot marathon train without proper nutrition,) and it’s helped my writing by proving I’m more capable of achieving great things than I think. So with this in mind, I asked the following questions to a group of folks some time ago: What’s your story? How has fitness changed your life?

A friend responded by sending links to two of his blog posts; this one and this one.

I was completely blown away his honesty and willingness to help others by sharing his story of depression.

And now I’m honored to share his amazing story with you, combined into one post:

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