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Spring: From the Bay to the Mountain Conference

I once heard a published author say how she no longer attends writer’s conferences because, “it’s just the same information, over and over again.” This astounded me in two ways: First over her belief that she’s heard every bit of information on writing ever possible and second, does a sold book mean you no longer needed to learn?

So. Not. True. My best writing advice can be boiled down to four words:

Write. Read. Learn. Repeat.

With this in mind, I was excited about our regional SCBWI conference! It was once again held at The Claggett Conference Center in Buckeystown, Maryland but this year, they had the Christiane Inn ready, so attendees were able stay on premise. Being able to walk to my room was super nice! [click to continue…]


Conference weekend!


Bags are packed. Banana bread made, (I like leaving surprises for my man.) Notepad and pens are in my purse plus money to buy signed books. So I’m ready to leave for our regional SCBWI spring conference! Full recap on Monday. Have a great weekend!


#WritingWithoutReins Wednesday

Yes, I know it’s Thursday – I set this to post before going to a builder show with Bob yesterday but must have messed up something. Oh well. #WritingWithoutReins Wednesday sounds much better than Thursday so I’m keeping it. ;)

Anyway … I love Chuck Wendig’s awesome Flash Fiction Friday challenges but I’ve yet to participate. Because I procrastinate when I’m fearful. And I’m a perfectionist so sharing rough work makes me uncomfortable. But sometimes being uncomfortable is good. And Chuck double dog dared us. I cannot turn down a double dog dare. So here goes:

This week’s challenge: Post 100 words (no more!) of fiction.

The Home Wrecker

The vet raised the needle toward the barn window, flicking the syringe as a starling landed on the stall door.

Miserable birds, she thought. Nest-stealing home wreckers.

She gazed down at the weary horse, his ribs sharp and breath labored. What a comfort he had been for his owner, never flinching as the woman clung to him, crying over her husband’s affair. But now the other woman is gone.


And it’s time for her revenge.

The starling cawed as the vet lowered the needle. She looked up at the bird and smiled.

“Our secret, just between us home wreckers.”


Not perfect but at least it’s posted. Now it only I can get the day right next week…

Oh, and I got to meet Sugar Ray Leonard yesterday. Wow, he looks so young!



Running: My Then and Now

While digging through some older posts on my musty Livejournal page I came across something interesting: A post from April, 2012 titled Disney Princess Half-Marathon 2013. Back then, I cross-posted more substantial entries here on my website but for some reason, I missed this one. I really wish I would have because it includes something very important: The first time I called myself a runner. (It’s also around the same time I renamed my blog Write, Run, Rejoice, Repeat although I’ve since dropped the repeat.) Here’s an excerpt:

I, Laura Bowers, am now a runner.


Sure, right now, I’m only running twelve-minute miles . . . on a good day.

The farthest I can run is three miles . . . on a very good day.

And truth be told, I more resemble this woman instead of the gal above:

But that doesn’t matter. You have to start somewhere, and this weekend, I’m running in my very first 5k race since having my surgery last December! (Hysterectomy – no more tampons, woo!)

And in exactly 320 days, I’m going to be running in the Disney Princess Half-Marathon along with forty-some awesome women and a few brave gents! (ETA to clarify: I meant the folks in my running group.)

Yes, I will be wearing pink! I will run through Cinderella’s castle! I will get a picture with Captain Jack Sparrow, and I’m even considering wearing a tiara! But a tutu? Eh . . . nope, that’s a bit much even for me.

More posts on running, writing, reading, and rejoicing to come! :)

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slidePicking up from my full recap, after Jackey and I went down the infamous Boardwalk slide – what makes it so creepy, the hair? the eyes? – and had a quick soak in the hot tub, I noticed the time. Yikes! I ran off to shower for my plans with Niki, feeling awful for lollygagging.

See, there’s the thing. After last year’s Dopey Challenge, Niki posted a picture of her doing a jump shot later to prove to a family member her legs were feeling good. I decided that if I ever got the chance to run Dopey or Goofy, I wanted to do the same!

Niki was more than happy to jump with me. But we upped the ante and made a Jump Shot Challenge: a jump shot at all four parks! And while we’re at it, let’s also get a snack at each park because I was so ready to eat. A lot. First up, Animal Kingdom! My snack of choice? The incredible jalapeño cheese pretzel. Oh my gosh. I spent many a moment fantasizing about that bad boy while running earlier!


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2015 WDW Marathon Weekend Recap: The Full Marathon

Header - MarathonOh boy, this is gonna be long! I’m finally posting the fifth part of my WDW Marathon Weekend experience. (Here’s links for some back story, the Expo, 10k, and half marathon.)

This one is about big momma, the WDW Full Marathon.


So okay, where did I leave off? Right, with Jackey and I getting to bed at around 8:30 on Saturday night feeling oddly calm compared to the psychotic mess I was on Friday night. Thanks to God and a little help from Mr. Bud Light, I slept wonderfully well. Once our multiple alarms went off at 2:20, though, I found out Jackey didn’t at first.

Oh man. She didn’t have the same insomnia nightmare as me, did she? But no, toss-up another praise, she was able to drift off. Whew!

IMG_9675During the half, I was annoyed by my migrating Minnie ears and a wandering belt so I decided to keep my outfit simple this time: My favorite Lululemon running skirt and Fila shirt. But which visor? The cute, coordinating one or the boring but comfortable one I wear all the time at home? I wised up and picked boring. See? You can teach a vain dog new tricks. [click to continue…]