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While gathering photos for this recap, I couldn’t help but get a little bummed since there will be no Tower of Terror 10-Miler in 2015.

RunDisney, you’re going to bring it back once construction is finished in Hollywood Studios, right? Right?!?

<<fingers crossed, hope they do.>>

I think they will but if 2014 was the last Tower of Terror, *sniff, pout* then I’m so grateful I got to experience it! Oh my gosh. Talk about a total blast. I loved, loved, LOVED it, from start to finish! (Well, I didn’t love some things after the finish but more on that later.)

Oh, and hey, it you don’t have time to read a long recap, here’s the video version instead!

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1 HeaderAnd what a day this was!

So, here’s the thing. Before our all-girls weekend, I had never watched a parade at Magic Kingdom since my boys are ride fanatics and my husband isn’t big on them. This changed on Saturday when we didn’t just watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade … we were selected as Grand Marshals!

Talk about amazing!

I couldn’t believe it. Still can’t, really.

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Summer Writing Prompts

“I enjoy, in the summer, getting back to writing in my own voice.” –Mike O’Brien

I really like this quote, since summer is such a lovely time to relax, renew, and think about what truly makes you happy, as a person and as a writer or artist. It’s also a great time to grab a journal, kick back on the porch with your favorite beverage of choice, and scribble out a story just for fun.

Imagine that. Writing for fun!

With that in mind, here’s some fun first lines just screaming to be used as …

Summer Writing Prompts

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Congratulations and a mighty woo-HOO to Laura Shovan for the cover release of her upcoming midgrade novel, The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary!


Gorgeous cover, LOVE it, and I can’t wait to read The Last Fifth Grade of Emerson Elementary when it releases in Spring, 2016! And for the scoop on Laura’s book, check out her School Library Journal interview.


Friday Five: Five Awesome Books for Writers!

Seems like whenever the topic of favorite books for writers comes up, I always recommend Save the Cat by Blake Snyder, How to Write a Damn Good Novel, II by James N. Frey and The Comic Toolbox by John Vorhaus because they’re beyond amazing. And in every single list of “best books for writers,” Stephen King’s On Writing is always listed because–again–it’s beyond amazing.

But today, I’m deviating from my broken record ways and putting the spotlight on five books that I’ve truly enjoyed this year. So let’s begin already!

Five Awesome Books for Writers!

War of Art1. The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Stephen Pressfield.

I’ve heard many mentions of this book throughout the years, but I haven’t read it until recently. Fantastic book. Just fantastic. And it gives all those horrible fears, doubts, and anxieties a name: Resistance. Don’t like resistance? Read this book to find out how to fight it. [click to continue…]


Write with the door closed. FIRMLY closed.

Door ClosedI’m 46 years old. You would think that someone who is 46 has gathered enough wisdom throughout her lifetime to know better than to keep making the same mistake over and over again, right?

Like, for example, the mistake of not keeping the door closed while fleshing out a new story idea or writing a rough draft. That’s what Stephen King suggests in his book, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft:

Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open. Your stuff starts out being just for you, in other words, but then it goes out. Once you know what the story is and get it right — as right as you can, anyway — it belongs to anyone who wants to read it. Or criticize it.

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