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Happy National Pink Day! Let's talk about being bold.

I. Love. Pink.

The color, the artist, wearing it on Wednesdays, I love everything about pink, so imagine my utter joy after discovering that yesterday was dedicated to my favorite hue! I might have missed it, but I still shall wear it from head to toe today and be a living Pepto Bismol bottle, even while running. Talk about joyful miles!

But first, I must confess that there was a time in my life when I did not wear pink. Why?

Because someone told me I was too old. [click to continue…]


Happy First Day of Summer: My Summer Bucket List!

Happy First Day of Summer! I'm celebrating by making a summer bucket list. What's on yours?

Ah, summer, time for rest, relaxation, peaceful long runs, and lazy afternoons!

Well, not really.

My schedule isn’t exactly R&R compatible, now that I’ve picked up two more side jobs, we bought a beach house fixer-upper that needs major fixing upping, plus there’s Camp NaNoWriMo in July. Still, I don’t want summer to sail on by, leaving me scratching my head in September, wondering where, exactly, the time had gone.

So while enjoying an afternoon tea, I thought I’d think of 26 Things I’d like to do this summer. Why 26? Because there’s 13 weeks of summer … accomplishing two things a week shouldn’t he hard, right?

Guess we’ll find out in September. [click to continue…]


Where to Find Writing Exercises: Friday Five

I once gave a presentation where, ten minutes in, I asked attendees to do a writing exercise.

Instant awkwardness.

I could feel the groans they shifted in their seats, grimacing as though I had offered pickle juice for their tea instead of cream. Yikes. For a second, I considered saving face by saying, “Just fooling, haha,” even though the exercise was really cute: Write a Dear John letter from a fairy tale character to their significant other.

But no, it was part of my class plan. I like sticking with plans. So I had everyone put pen to paper, sensing potential presentation disaster.

They did it. I did it. And guess what? [click to continue…]


Friday Five: Five Motivational Videos for Writers

Motivational Videos for WritersIt’s been a crazy week.

Seriously crazy and while I did get some work done on a manuscript, it wasn’t good work because my mind has been pulled in so many direction. I hate not doing good work. It makes me feel lost. Chaotic. Incomplete because I haven’t been living my authentic life lately. Regretful over how much time has passed since I sold my last book. Pissed off because I know I’m capable of accomplishing more but this week, I allowed doubt, fear, procrastination, and my crazy schedule get in the way.


Stop. Take a breath. [click to continue…]


Oddball Writing Tips

Oddball Writing TipsWhy haven’t I been doing more Friday Five posts? I love Friday. And I love 5’s despite my aversion to odd numbers and the fact that Novalee Nation had a deep fear of fives from one of my favorite movies, Where the Heart Is.

(Well, actually, Novalee feared #7 in the book, but this is one of the rare times I liked the movie better than the book, no disrespect to Billie Letts.)

But anyway, I’ve decided to do more Friday Fives, starting with this one about…

Five Oddball Writing Tips

… a collection of writing tips, tools, and tricks that can help you get your fingers moving, words flowing, and mind focused! [click to continue…]


I miss Livejournal Memes.

Oh, LiveJournal, how I miss you! It was fun blogging with you before I went all fancy and designed my own site here on WordPress. Which, yes, does have more benefits. But there are things I still miss about Livejournal. Like the sense of community. And how easy it was keeping up with other blogs thanks to the Entries Feed for Friends features. But mostly … I miss the fun memes.

Got no clue what to blog again? Do a meme. Boom. Done.

For poops and giggles, I searched for old LiveJournal memes and seeing as how I have no clue what to blog about today, (and I need to finish packing for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon,) I thought I’d give this one a go!


1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question.

What does next year have in store for me? [click to continue…]